I am humbled to announce the “official” publishing of our ministry’s resource book:



Authored by Servants of Christ
Edition: First Edition (Revised)

I want to thank everyone that sent feedback to the Castimonia Literature Committee (or me) on the First Edition of the book, or the “First 50” copies.  Bill W. of Alcoholics Anonymous had the privilege of having the “First 40” of the Big Book of AA reviewed and thus Castimonia was fortunate enough to have the “First 50” reviewed.  All feedback was appreciated and changes were made to the original First Edition in order to better help men who struggle with Sexual Purity.

Castimonia is Latin for “moral purity” something every man should strive for.

Castimonia is a Christ-centered 12-Step Support and Recovery program for sexual impurity or sexual addiction with the goal to achieve a Biblically-based sexual purity. We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other so that we may achieve sexual purity and help others overcome sexual impurity or compulsive sexual behaviors.

This book is used for working the 12-step Castimonia program and should be used with the guidance of a Sponsor only.  The revised first edition includes text on a proper sexual purity recovery program, a thorough working of the 12 Steps, stories from men in the group, and a work book for working the 12-Steps.

Many thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous for paving the way in the 12-Step world as well as the countless men in recovery and the therapists that have helped facilitate God’s healing of their wounds.  Most importantly, thank you to the patient spouses who have put up with our issues long enough to make this ministry and book possible.

Original Publication Date: August 22, 2015
Revised Edition Publication Date: January 20, 2016

ISBN/EAN13: 151531023X / 978-1515310235
Page Count: 454
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Self-Help / Twelve-Step Programs

The book can be purchased at any Castimonia meeting  or via the Create Space store. 

If you are a man struggling with Sexual Purity and would like to purchase a copy of the book for the same amount as sold at Castimonia meetings ($20) please contact the publisher, Armaturam, LLC for a discount rate:

  1. Woody says:

    Awesome news!

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