Recovery Videos

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Addiction Parallels in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Baby Steps (What about Bob?)

Broken Together Music Video (Casting Crowns)

Conquering Our Fear (After Earth)

Courage (The Hobbit)

Disclosure (The Goonies)

Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong (TED Talk)

Freedom or Death (Braveheart)

Healing The Father Wound, Parts 1 & 2 (Saving Mr. Banks)

Hope (X-Men)

Interview with Serial Killer Ted Bundy by James Dobson

John’s Story

Lieutenant Dan’s Redemption (Forrest Gump)

Living Amends (The Monuments Men)

Recovery in the 23rd Century (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

Recovery Themes in Disney Animated Movies

Recovery Trilogy – 300: Rise of an Empire

Iron Sharpens Iron

Relapse, Redemption, & Victory

Understanding Childhood Trauma Exhibited in Adulthood

Rigorous Honesty (Flight)

Star Wars Redemption Trilogy

Star Wars: The Fall

Star Wars: Tribulation

Star Wars: Redemption

Temptation, Sin, & Death (Alien)

The Twelve Steps (A Walk Among the Tombstones)

United We Stand (Gladiator)

William Struthers, The Scientific Side of Sexuality

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