About the Leaders of Castimonia

The leaders of Castimonia would like to express their sincere gratitude for you visiting our blog.  All of us are in recovery for our addictions and compulsive behaviors and we would like to share a small bit  about our journey with you, the reader.  Castimonia has a two-part leadership.  The first part is that of the Executive Director of Castimonia which represents the ministry.  The second part is that of the Executive Committee of Castimonia that runs the ministry.  the Executive Committee consists of four facilitators from Castimonia meetings who vote on any issues brought to them by the Executive Director.  In order to contact the leadership, please e-mail:

Jorge S., Sex Addiction Specialist
Executive Director of Castimonia

Contact Jorge by e-mail: Jorge@castimonia.org

My name is Jorge, and I am a grateful believer in a higher power whom I choose to call Jesus Christ and a recovering sex addict.  My earliest childhood memories were not pleasant ones. I remember a lot of chaos and craziness around my house.  English was not my first language which made life difficult for me, at 2 years old, growing up in the Southeastern United States. At 3 years of age I was befriended by a girl my own age who spoke both English and Spanish and we developed a deep friendship. However, the friendship quickly turned sexual in nature and she continued to sexually abuse me and other boys from ages 3 to 7.  I believe because of the sexual abuse I lived in a fantasy world of my own and I always felt odd and left out in the”real world.” At 4 years old I found my father’s pornography collection and began viewing the pornography almost daily.  By 5 years old I was gratifying myself as well as viewing pornography and participating in sexual acts with my abuser.

My high school years were not much different; I viewed pornography almost daily and was compulsive about my self-gratification.  However, I was able to “adjust” somewhat to the “real world” excelling in both athletics and academics. After high school I went off to college, but not before visiting my first prostitute shortly after graduation. It was a shameful event but after crossing the “flesh line,” pornography alone was not enough for me. In college I began ordering and collecting pornographic videos and magazines, my collection grew quite a bit, but I did not keep it hidden. It is not a wonder why normal girls were not interested in me in college. I rarely dated and when I did date, it was for some sort of sexual fulfillment. However, I found visiting prostitutes in Houston to be more fulfilling for someone like me: who lacked intimacy skills. When I left college, I moved to Houston and thought it was for my acting-out purposes, however God had a different plan.

Over a 10 year span, after leaving college, my sexual acting out grew more and more out of control, my life was becoming unmanageable. I had destroyed many relationships and was about to destroy my family which included my wife and daughter. Then, a great blessing occurred, my wife finally found out about my compulsive sexual behaviors that also included getting an affair partner pregnant! When I was kicked out of the house, I had a choice, get help or die. I prayed to God for a 2nd chance, I begged Him to let me set things straight with those I loved. He answered that prayer! I entered recovery in 2009 through Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) and have been in recovery ever since. The last 3 years, although rocky with some slips and two relapses, have been the best years of my life and I am dedicated to staying in recovery and allowing God to continue to heal me and work through me to help others. God has restored my life, my marriage, and my family, including blessing us with custody of the daughter I had outside of my marriage.

I started the Castimonia Men’s Sexual Purity Support & Recovery Group at The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX on June 12, 2010 to help others that struggle with sexual purity issues using a Christ-centered approach to the 12-Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous. I started this Castimonia.org blog to help others in their recovery from sexual addiction or dependency and allow all who struggle with sexual purity to read about and discuss all sorts of recovery-related topics.


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