Purity Podcasts

I am humbled to announce that we have begun recording our first set of “Castimonia Purity Podcasts.”

The Castimonia Purity Podcast was created as a tool and a resource for those seeking sexual purity.   Interviews, tools, testimonies, and hope will be shared for all to gain a better understanding of our true potential in Christ.

The episodes are designed to provide heavy information in an approachable avenue.

There is freedom from sexual impurity, and we can all grow stronger through our brokenness.  There is no condemnation for those in Jesus, and there is real hope for those seeking to be free.

Let us know of if you need help or know of great topics for future podcasts.


 Click on the link below to visit the specific podcast page or select the podcast from the drop down resources menu.
Episode 36A: Working Step 4 – Introduction and Character Defects & Assets
Episode 35: Mark Laaser – A Whole New You
Episode 34: Happy New Year – Finding the “New You” Out of Sex Addiction
Episode 33: Merry Christmas from Castimonia – Addiction Tools for the Holidays
Episode 32: God Can Get Your Attention
Episode 31: Working Step 3
Episode 30: Recovery Clichés
Episode 29: Giving Thanks for Addiction???
Episode 28b: Mike and Sex Addiction – Testimony and Interview (Part B)
Episode 28a: Mike and Sex Addiction – Testimony and Interview (Part A)
Episode 27: Frank Honess Interview – Sex and Pornography Addiction Podcaster
Episode 26b: Jorge’s Testimony Follow-up
Episode 26a: John’s Follow-up to Episode 14
Episode 25: How Does God Talk To Us Today?
Episode 24: Carol the Coach, Sex Addiction Expert, Psychotherapist, & CSAT
Episode 23: The Three Circles of SAA
Episode 22: Jorge’s Testimony
Episode 21: Doug’s Sex Addiction Testimony – Celebrating Recovery
Episode 20: Step Two
Episode 19: Nate Larkin, Founder of Samson Society
Episode 18: Grace for the Addict
Episode 17: Andy’s Testimony – A Spiritual Awakening for Pornography Addicts
Episode 16: Dr. Milton Magness – Stop Sex Addiction
Episode 15: Michael John Cusick – Sex Addiction Recovery Interview
Episode 14: John’s Testimony – Overcoming Sex Addiction
Episode 13: Sex Addiction and Polygraphs…an interview with Stephen Cabler
Episode 12: The Power of Lies – Learning to Tell the Truth and Nothing but the Truth
Episode 11: Pornography Addiction Help – http://www.pornknow.org
Episode 10: Step One Continued
Episode 09: Step One – Explanation, Examples, and How to Work the Step
Episode 08: Recovery Resources (Books)
Episode 07: The Addiction Cycle Explained – How Can Anyone Act Like That? Can’t They Just Stop?
Episode 06: Sean’s Testimony
Episode 05: Learning Acceptance
Episode 04: What is Sexual Purity?
Episode 03: Intimacy … Is That Even Possible With Your Clothes On?
Episode 02: Biblical Origins of the 12 Steps
Episode 01: You Are Not Alone