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Our temporary host church, Trinity Baptist will be closed  on Tuesday, October 17th so we are canceling the Castimonia Tuesday night meeting at this church. The meeting will resume the following Tuesday night at its regular time and location.

For an alternate meeting, please visit the Sugar Land location at the Vineyard Church.

Tuesday Nights
Time: 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Location: Vineyard Church of Sugar Land
Mosaic Room (Ring door bell and enter through FRONT door.  Go to the second floor)
5015 Grove West Boulevard
Stafford, TX  77477
Contact: Troy P. at 713.906.6658 or

One of the many joys in life is seeing how the Lord shows up in our lives, such as through our friends and family but especially through the hearts and acts of strangers.

A little over a month ago, pre-Harvey, a gentlemen from Tennessee contacted the Castimonia ministry after listening to one of our Sexual Purity Podcasts.    He is on the road to recovery and found the podcast useful and a blessing to him.  Then Harvey hit!

As many individuals in the ministry were recovering from Harvey, one Castimonia member in particular let me know that his house completely flooded and unfortunately he did not have flood insurance.  He and his family had to move out and live with his wife’s family until the water went down (which took almost a week) and the first floor of their home was rebuilt.  It is then that I asked the Lord for help.  I wanted to help out this Castimonia member and his family just like I was helped out so many times in my recovery.

The first thing the Lord answered with was to encourage a group of men to go to his house and help him and his wife “Muck Out” his house, removing several feet high of sheet rock, insulation, furniture, and other items.  This all day event turned into such a blessing for the men who were able to perform this work.

Then, the Lord prompted the individual from Tennessee about helping out post-Harvey.  He gathered people from his church for prayer and also sent a package of gift cards donated by him and his church family to our brother in Katy whose home was flooded!  How truly amazing it was to see a stranger multiple states away send a sign of hope to a family in Katy who he has never met.  And what a blessing for a church in Tennessee to gather around their brother in Christ whom they have never seen to bring some joy to this family in Katy.  I am amazed at God’s love and so blessed to have witnessed these acts of kindness.

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by james tarring cordrey

I saw my first Playboy magazine when i was nine years old. That night changed my life, and not for the better.

It wasn’t glamourous. It wasn’t liberating. But it was intoxicating.

Shortly after news of Hugh Hefner’s death broke, the post mortem on his legacy began. Many have weighed in: tributes from celebrities and women who posed for his magazine hereand here; condemnation from feminists here and here; a scathing piece in the New York Times here; and religious commentary here.

It’s not surprising that so many people have something to say about the man and his impact on culture given his mission was to push the limits of society with the “Playboy Philosophy,” which he called a “new morality.”

Playboy wasn’t merely “Entertainment for Men,” as the magazine’s tagline read. It was a broadside against traditional sexual mores, which Hefner considered “not natural,” nor “logical”; and therefore “not truly moral.” (Hefner appeared on the PBS show Firing Line in 1966 and discussed the Playboy Philosophy at length with the show’s host, the late William F. Buckley, Jr.).

At nine, i knew nothing of the Playboy Philosophy, but it had a direct impact my life just the same. i am not alone. The same intoxication i experienced that night in the mid 1970s is the same feeling countless men have experienced.

Hefner has been lauded as a pioneer of sexual liberation, but he didn’t free anyone. He did, however, enslave many.

Just ask the men who became addicted to pornography and their wives — or their ex-wives; the girlfriends of men addicted to pornography; or the women who suffer under the frustration that men their own age won’t marry them — or sometimes won’t even date them — as a result of Hefner’s influence.

Men who followed Hefner’s advice now fill up recovery group meetings on a weekly basis, dealing with damaged relationships, destroyed marriages, unemployment which stems from getting fired for watching pornography on the job, confusion about how to relate to women in a healthy way, conflicting messages about what it means to be a man in this world, and on and on and on.

It took a while for my anger at Hefner and other pornographers to subside years ago when i was first working through my recovery, but it did eventually. Now i feel a certain commonality with Ethan Renoe, who — regarding Hefner — wrote: “I don’t celebrate his death; I’m more brokenhearted by how he lived his life.”

His life and his empire illustrate the great emptiness that inevitably come from pursuing a porn lifestyle. You keep discarding women of your own age in favor of younger and more enhanced ones, eventually getting to the point where the women you seek are young enough to be your grand daughters.

And no matter how many you have, it’s never enough.

The mainstreaming of pornography is something that some praise as liberating, while others condemn it as misogynistic and sexually exploitative. All can agree that Hefner was the man responsible for it.

The fruit of Hefner’s work was ultimately to sever the connection between sexual activity and meaningful relationship. He accomplished that by promoting women as sexual objects rather than extolling their whole womanhood: their intellect, the true beauty of their souls, and their marvelous complexity.

That seems like misogyny and sexual exploitation to me.

Craig Gross at XXXChurch was quick to write a commentary piece on Hefner’s death in which he makes the point that Jesus loves Hugh Hefner.  While it will grate on many people to think that Jesus could love a pornographer like Hefner, it’s important to say that it’s true.

Jesus loves those who seem beyond love.

As a former porn addict who was spinning more and more out of control until He reached into my life, i rely on the power and truth of Jesus’ love; therefore, i am compelled to agree with Gross on that point.

But it’s important that when we say that “Jesus loves Hugh Hefner” that we also acknowledge the truly wicked things Hefner did, not out of spite or condemnation from those who are holier-than-thou, but in order to honor those who were — and still are — victims of his work.

Hefner’s life was grievous. He gave us poisonous fruit and we need to name that. He was an example of what not to be as a man. The challenging thing for those of us who struggle with pornography addiction is owning the fact that we would become just like Hefner without God’s intervention.

Pornography is tragic, and so was the man who brought it into the mainstream.

Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly Film Event

Register here:

A film event for parents, grandparents, men, women, singles — anybody in high school and above

Like it or not, porn is here and it is harmful. In this timely film, award-winning filmmaker Justin Hunt tactfully examines the impact of pornography on societies around the globe, from how it affects individuals’ brains, to the increased exposure of youth due to modern technology, to how porn literally can tear a family apart.

Dinner is available for purchase before the film, and a free dessert reception with the director will take place after the film.

About The Film

  • Addicted to Porn does not include any provocative imagery.
  • The film is narrated by James Hetfield, co-founder of Metallica.
  • Learn more about Addicted to Porn on the film’s official website.

Cost & Registration

  • $5 per ticket
  • $10 per ticket with dinner included
  • No charge for dessert reception
  • Registration for dinner and the movie is now available and will continue until Wed, Sep 27


  • 5:45–6:45p — Dinner available
  • 7–8:30p — Film screening
  • 8:30p — Dessert reception

Register here:


Due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey, we have decided to extend Early Bird registration until October 1st!  Please register ASAP.

Here is some information on the retreat.  I pray that the Lord uses this retreat to help men in their sexual purity journey.  The link to register for the retreat will be available later this Summer.

Friday, November 3rd – Sunday, November 5th

Castimonia’s Paratus Retreat is a retreat for any man who struggles with any type of sexual purity.  Paratus is Latin for equipped.

If you are wondering about whether to attend this retreat, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you fully equipped for the spiritual battle that is raging around us right now?
  • Are you a man who strives for biblical sexual purity?
  • Are you a man who struggles with maintaining that sexual purity?
  • Do you want a circle of brothers helping you in your sexual purity journey?

Join us for a weekend dedicated to equipping adult men of all ages, all walks of life, and various levels of struggle with the tools necessary to wage this spiritual battle and emerge on the other side as the sexually pure men that God intended us to be.

At the retreat, we will discuss strategies for equipping ourselves with tactics necessary for battling the enemy. We will discover the true meaning of brotherhood and fellowship. The leaders of the retreat will set the example of vulnerability and accountability. We hope to pave the way for all men to be fully equipped to wage war against Satan’s tempting assaults and emerge VICTORIOUS.

Early Bird Registration up until September 15 October 1st – $175

Regular Registration after September 15 October 1st – November 1st – $200

Jorge and Doug discuss the practical steps in working Step 6.  How do we take ownership in our recovery and still step aside for God to heal us?  What does that look like?

This is a difficult step, and it marks a major shift in our recovery as we now are taking ownership and creating more confidence in our sobriety.

Email us at for more information.  And remember you are not on this journey alone!

… and this is a GREAT thing!  THIS is what church should be but many are too concerned with production value and broadcasting of the services and fail to be “real” when it comes to spreading the Gospel, the dirty, beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ and His power of redemption.  It “falls short” because it is not trying to live up to the production standards of some of the churches in the area who pride themselves on “entertainment” rather than spreading the message of God’s love and our redemption.

Come worship God with other broken individuals

Those of us in recovery will sometimes walk into our church service thinking that others are looking at us with downcast eyes; Pharisees? This is especially true early on in recovery when we have just been “found out” or rumors spread of our marital or personal problems.  We fear that these “normal” people are without addictions or compulsions and look down upon us that struggle with these issues.  We feel that the people in this room have never committed adultery, been black-out drunk, or used illegal drugs.  We fear that these people have never sinned; at least not like us.  This, of course, is not the case at a Prodigals service.  Those that attend this service are all broken, are all sinners, and are all loved by God.  This is because we are not blind to the fact that we are sinful and selfish people. For most of us attending this service, the 12 Steps have taught us this about ourselves; we are no longer blind.  Performing a deep and thorough inventory of who we really are has enlightened us of our character and leaves us with no choice but to turn to Jesus and His power to set us free.

The message at Prodigals is largely Recovery-based

The setting is fantastic, intimate and inviting.  The worship music is tailored to resonate with addicts and the broken.  It cuts to the core of our want and need for redemption and our cry out to the Lord to heal us from our affliction; to free us from our self-imposed bondage.  Freedom.  Along with the praise and worship music, a testimony is given in this service which adds to the welcoming environment needed by those of us in recovery.  We feel like we are not alone after hearing a testimony to which we can relate.  The short but effective sermon is one that we can also relate to.  It typically includes recovery-related themes with recovery-related language.  It also is raw, unblemished, and truthful.  They are not afraid to share of their brokenness or of their addiction.  They are not afraid to speak truth to those of us who are listening.  And they rejoice at having been restored from a life of addiction and compulsion to where the Lord can now use them for His good purpose.

If you are in any recovery program and feel like you don’t “fit in” at your church, I encourage you to visit the Prodigals service and see for yourself how powerful the experience can be worshiping the Lord with other recovery individuals.  Even if you are comfortable at your own church like I am, visit the Prodigals and experience a different side of praise and worship and the Word of God with your fellow recovering members.  Experience hope! It is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Prodigals information is written below:

Location: Loft Worship, Student Building of The Fellowship
Date: Every Saturday Evening
Time: 5:30PM