Difficult to Feel Safe Anywhere
Codependence is often accompanied by P.T.S.D. (post-traumatic stress disorder) that pops up long after experiencing traumatic events. It’s not just war and acts of terrorism that can be a trigger. Emotional, physical or sexual abuse can also set off symptoms that can include trouble sleeping or concentrating, excessive irritability and misplaced anger. Some call codependence “a war with our self”. Recovery involves stopping the war within so we can start to love and trust ourselves. For many suffering from codependence the battlefield we grew up in, was not in some foreign country against some identified “enemy” – it was in the “homes” which were supposed to be our safe haven with our parents whom we loved and trusted to take care of us. Instead of blood and death (although some do experience blood and death literally), what happened to us as children was spiritual death and emotional maiming, mental torture and physical violation. Not feeling safe as a child can make it difficult to feel safe anywhere. Quote from: http://joy2meu.com/Codependency.htm

“Anger is only fear turned inside out.” – Unknown


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