Februar 15, 1978 – serial killer Ted Bundy was arrested in Florida
While in prison, he admitted to raping & killing more than 30 women and girls.
He was suspected of committing over 50 murders.
July 31, 1979 – he was convicted and sentenced to death.
After 10 years in prison, Ted Bundy chose to share one message with Dr. James Dobson.
This is the entire interview of Ted Bundy with Dr. James Dobson, sharing about how it all began with his discovery of pornography!
January 24, 1989 – at 7:15am, the morning after this interview, Ted Bundy was executed.

Attached via the link below is chapter 8 from a booklet titled Porn-Again Christian by Mark Driscol that has an edited transcript of the interview in the video above.

Ted Bundy Edited Interview Transcript

Ted Bundy COMPLETE Interview Transcript

  1. […] Sex addiction, especially when fueled by internet pornography, has been likened to crack cocaine or heroin addiction, only much worse. It allows its victims no respite. It is a sickness of the soul that drives many to suicide, transforming its worst sufferers, like Ted Bundy and Gary Bishop, into serial killers. (See here and here). […]

  2. […] Other men aren’t so lucky. I realize now that with just a little push, I could have gone over the edge. I could have raped that woman and then killed her to cover my tracks. That’s how Ted Bundy got started. When the porn he was addicted to wasn’t enough anymore, he tried the real thing — rape, and then murder. When he succeeded, he did it again. And again. Pornography addiction is very serious. (Click here to watch the Ted Bundy interview with Dr. James Dobson) […]

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