originally posted on: http://shessomebodysdaughter.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/pornography-is-vulnerable/


“As soon as you name it, it’s vulnerable.”

When our friend Donna spoke these words, it was easy to realize why our She’s Somebody’s Daughter initiative is going to be so powerful.

Everyone thinks of pornography as being too big to take down.  It’s a multi-billion dollar industry.  It has permeated our society to the point where an alarming number of otherwise reasonable and intelligent people see it as “normal.”

Those who do see it as problem often express the attitude that it is s too late to do anything about it.  Thanks to the ever-evolving technology industry and the lack of common-sense restraints placed upon it,  “Pandora’s box has been opened,” they say.

But even though this conversation should have started before the internet was unleashed on the world; even though the pornography industry is huge; even though pornography has increasingly become a part of mainstream life; even though the technology makes it as easy to find as your nearest laptop or “smart” phone – pornography is still vulnerable

Why?  Because anything built on a foundation of lies will come crashing down once the truth is spoken.

Watch an old black and white movie from the forties.  All the movie stars are smoking.  Smoking is what the beautiful people do.  It’s glamorous and sophisticated.

Well eventually we learned the truth about smoking.  It gives people cancer. Nobody thinks it’s glamorous anymore.  Nobody appreciates being exposed to second-hand smoke. Even those of us who can’t kick the habit know that it is death by degrees.

Pornography causes cancer too.  Pornography kills.  It kills relationships.

It kills families.  Ironically, it even kills libido, dramatically increasing impotence among the men who use it.

Pornography is slow, sexual suicide.

And behind the sanitized “I read Playboy for the articles ” version of boys being boys is a nightmare world of people using people – of manipulation, violence, drug abuse, and sex trafficking.   It is a world of never-ending pain.

Once the facts about pornography are widely known people will start making different choices. But first we have to tell the truth.

People are going to ask “Who is it hurting?”  And we’re going to tell them.  It is hurting everyone.

Because whenever any human being is being turned into an object for the selfish sexual gratification of another it makes the world a colder, crueler place.  What demeans any one of us demeans all of us.

You will hear all the same uniformed arguments.  People are going to say, “It’s just another form of entertainment. “  We’re going to ask them how entertaining would it be if their wife or daughter or sister were on the screen?

The simple truth about She’s Somebody’s Daughter is this.  No one wants his or her daughter – or son – to be sexually assaulted on camera for someone to watch.

That’s not normal.  That’s not harmless. That’s not “just entertainment.”

And once we tell the truth – and tell it again, and again, and again – the foundation of lies on which pornography now stands will crumble and fall.

Are you ready to name it and tell the truth?   

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