It is important for those of us who are recovering sex addicts that acted out with prostitutes that all of them prostitute by force, not by choice.  This is Serey’s story on how she was sex trafficked in Camboida – bought and sold over and over again, like a piece of meat.  However, thanks to Abolition International, she has been given a second chance.  I am a believer that everyone deserves a second chance.  I would not be leading this ministry had I not been given a second chance…

Serey’s (pronounced ‘sir-ray’) story is based on a true account from the Transitions’ Dream Home in Cambodia. The Dream Home is an established safe home in Cambodia for young girls rescued from sex trafficking. It isn’t just a safe place for girls rescued from trafficking, it’s a home where they can learn to dream again.

You can help give freedom to more girls like Serey. Support the Dream Home expansion and give more girls the chance to dream again.

Share hope – share this film with your friends and family Wear hope – buy the To Be Free bracelet as a reminder of stories you’ve heard Ignite hope  – host an event and share these stories with your community

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