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Video – William Struthers, The Scientific Side of Sexuality

Awesome in-depth video of an interview with William Struthers, author of Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain, as he explains, in a scientific manner, human sexuality and how pornography affects the human brain.

If you are one that doubts that pornography affects the brain negatively, please watch this entire interview!

“When you view pornography, it affects you at the core of your being.  And to pretend that it doesn’t is irresponsible, naive, and leads to despair.”

Neurobiologist, Dr. William Struthers explaining the scientific side of sexuality.

7 thoughts on “Video – William Struthers, The Scientific Side of Sexuality”

  1. Always a joy to watch two married men talk about the dangers of porn and masturbation for single men, how it may drive them into watching child porn and, “horrors”, thinking of “women at work as potential sexual partners” !! Overall, I give it a grade of C. I appreciate the post and the effort by scratchingthesurface to post the brain science of addiction. It was what helped me to undo the “grand canyon” in my own life, but I was quite disappointed in Dr. Struthers instructions on how diverting the water down the other side of the mountain should play out. As to what “are the effects of long term porn viewing”, I suspect they are bad haircuts and dark eyebrows.

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate; its not showing on the refreshed screen)

      1. Sorry to give such an impression. I was enjoying the video for the most part, but I felt like the doctor made some real gaffes that hurt his credibility for me. (I gave one example.) The interviewer who tried to do a good job I guess — can’t tell if the video was just poorly edited or whether Mark(?) kept asking the doc a question that had just been answered. I felt like there was an attempt by the interviewer to lead the doc into statements that would suit his agenda. It might have been better to let the doc give the interviewer a list of questions and then to have done the interview.

        I think a lot of single guys really resent married preachers condemning young men for doing the same things they did when they were young and single. I’m glad that the video is there to warn men of the dangers of over exposure to pornography, but it seems counterproductive to conflate those dangers into a total condemnation of all sexual fantasies, erotica and masturbation. If the latter are part of our “makeup” as males, then it is spiritual malpractice to guilt trip guys over it. Moderation and management would be more logical, feasible and constructive as I see it. I know guys sometimes think, “I tried that”, just going for something softcore etc , and they say “it doesn’t work”, because they end up back in a porn binge. There is a difference between a chemical addiction and a process addiction.

        I haven’t been as active here lately and I thought I had canceled my subscription. Your tagline, “Take what you like and leave the rest.” has been my saving grace to keep me from either causing unnecessary offense or from wasting time on posting on blogs.

        I’m happy to be free from porn addiction and to be free from thinking that sexuality outside of marriage is sinful. I’ll disappear into history now. I’ll try to start doing the right thing– preach my beliefs on my websites rather than appearing to be a troll.

  2. Moderation and management? Of course! The true words of surrender and denial. In order to feel “good” about yourself, must you lower God’s standard of sexual purity? Free from thinking that sexuality outside of your marriage is sinful? Do you actually believe that having sex outside of your marriage, either through masturbation, viewing pornography, or sex with other women is OK? If you do, then you have bigger problems that I originally suspected.

    All you write about is how “condemning” the church is against sexual sin. I’m sorry you are in such deep denial to think that viewing pornography is “OK” or acceptablel to single men. The truth is, it is NOT. I can see how your anger stems from this condemnation of your personal practice. You don’t want to believe that what you “support” in viewing occasional pornography, is actually a bad idea. Perhaps you don’t realize what sexual addiction really is; a chemical addiction. The chemicals are those produced by the brain. That’s it. Understanding that pornography triggers the release of those chemicals is important so you can realize that there is no such thing as a “porn addiction.” Porn is not a drug, porn is the “needle” for us to access the chemical located in our brains. There has been plenty of research performed on this issue, look it up!

    If you are still viewing pornography, even occasionally, all you are doing is living in denial and slowly feeding your addiction. You don’t have to go on “porn binges” to feed the addiction, all it takes is one picture, one video, with or without masturbation.

    I recommend you step out of your own denial and step into a real sexual addiction recovery program. Contact a sex addiction therapist, such as Magness, Carnes, Weiss, Mavergeorge, etc… and get into real recovery.

    Take what you like and leave the rest. 😉

    1. I uphold God’s standards of sexual purity, not the Church’s traditions.

      You’re right about brain chemistry and addiction to those endorphins as well as the bonding hormones that cause men to memorize all the details of how what where they last had an orgasm, which in turn their brain demands upon its next perceived need for ejaculation/sex. Applying that information to my advantage, as I said, was one of the key things that helped me. Becoming “fully persuaded in my own mind” about what is and is not sexual sin also helped me no longer be under the bondage of the “law of sin and death”, which was actually based upon tradition, not a law from God. “He that doubteth is condemned if he eats, for whatever is not of faith is sin”. I have no doubt about my beliefs.

      I probably won’t be around much. Thanks for your concern for my soul. I’m doing fine.

    2. My reply disappeared after I logged in again… argh.

      Oh well. Let’s just agree to disagree.

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