Journey of Hope Retreat #15

For those that are not familiar with this retreat, I am presenting a short write-up on my overall experience.  Because of how powerful of an experience this retreat can be for those of us who struggle with sexual purity, I cannot go into specific details about what actually happens at the retreat, what is said at the retreat, or who is at the retreat (other than Dr. Milton Magness, one of the country’s top sexual addiction therapists, who organizes the retreat).

“WOW!” Is only one word I would use to describe this experience.  I’ll be up front and state this is my first (of hopefully many) retreats dealing with sexual purity but it was a great experience, to say the least.  There is something amazing about being around other men like me who struggle with sexual purity issues.  The openness and honesty during the retreat was a definite change from the “real world” where many men decide to wear “masks” to hide their secret life struggle with sexual purity.  This is especially present in today’s Christian churches across the world!

I had always recommended this retreat to men in my Castimonia recovery group and finally decided to attend the retreat.  I have only been in recovery a little over 3 years, and I felt I might gain something from attending this retreat.  Even just a little more knowledge about sexual addiction is worth it to me!  I not only gained a little more knowledge, but I gained a whole new breath of fresh recovery air.  The activities, discussions, sessions, and brotherhood at the retreat helped me tremendously!

This retreat was so powerful for me.  It solidified the fact that I am living and want to live a life full of recovery.  Recovery for me has been a lifestyle, and I felt very much at home at this retreat.  And for one of the very few times in my life, I felt “normal” while at this retreat.  To be honest, I only really feel “normal” with my family, at my church, and at recovery meetings such as Castimonia, Celebrate Recovery, or Sex Addicts Anonymous.

I can now state to my group and others that I highly recommend this retreat based on my own personal experience!  It is too bad that this is a “one-time” event held for men who struggle with sexual purity.  Although you may not realize it at first, by the end you will realize that this really was a once in a lifetime event, never to be repeated, tailored just for you by God.  This is truly an experience you do not want to miss out on!

Click here for the Castimonia events page listing general information on the retreat.

Click here for Hope & Freedom’s Journey of Hope Retreat #16 web page and sign-up page.

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