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Interview – Behind the Scenes of a Pornographic Movie

I was disgusted by the reality of the “glamorous” porn industry!  It really sickens me how all these men and women act like it is the greatest thing ever, yet inside, they are slowly dying…  I am especially disgusted by the abortion relation in pornography and the making of pornographic movies:

” I’ve had a girl get pregnant from a movie I did for Hustler, there was no protection because Hustler and LFP frowned on condom use on set. Last I heard she was on probation and delivered the baby in jail. It was insane. But it was not uncommon for girls to get pregnant from a set shoot and then paid to have an abortion. This is the well-kept secret in the industry, Hustler, Vivid, Playboy all have a direct working relationship with Planned Parenthood and together they make a lot of money from one another. Girls would be told if they even were thought to be pregnant, they were given a pill (morning after) and it does happen quite a lot in the business.”

Because of how triggering this may be to recovering sex addicts or users of pornography, I have copied and pasted the entire interview and removed some of the offensive or triggering material.

Ex Hustler Producer Interview – Christopher Gregory 

With Shelly Lubben

Shelley: How did you get into the porn business?

Christopher: I got into the porn business by way of mere accident. I met a friend who was doing girls gone wild stuff and the curiosity got the better of me and when we started talking more about the industry; I thought it would be a way of A) making money and B) getting women. It was all a subtle slide down into the darkness that I thought was going to be fun.

Shelley: Did things that happened in your childhood have an influence on your choice to be a porn producer?

Christopher: Did things happen in my childhood affect my decision? Yes, only in the respect that I was in my early 20’s when my father died, I grew up in a traditional Christian home, actually, I got saved when I was 8 years old, but when I became older, after the loss of my dad, I grew angry and as most angry young men, I took off and found myself doing whatever I could to fill that void in my life. I thought everything and everyone was against me, even God, in my mind, left me. So as I grew older and traveled more and experienced more, it opened the door to the film industry and eventually leading me to Larry Flynt’s door.

Shelley: How long were you in the porn business?

Christopher: I was in the business for a very short time, almost 5 years (that’s short) compared to many. Again, to me it was a way to make money, build my name and then crossover. 20 Years ago that would have virtually impossible, but because Hollywood has virtually become an industry of virtually no morals, I was introduced to many people who worked part time (under assumed names) in the porn business as either camera guys, writers, or directors or producers and still worked during the day on mainstream industry films.

Shelley: What was it like being a director/producer?

Christopher: It was “okay” but the pressure and the demands were not as pleasant as one might think. There were times where I would get calls almost daily from Hustler execs, yelling and ranting and I thought “Really? You’re yelling? You’re cursing?” Believe it or not, it’s NOT a pleasant venture in this business; it’s cut throat, it’s evil and the men behind the masks, behind the power are rude, aggressive and simply don’t care, after all, you’re not filming a dramatic, you’re shooting porn.

Shelley: What is your worst memory?

Christopher: My worst memory was on the set of a Hustler film, I was shooting on location and the drug use was rampant with the talent, yet I was told to get it finished (it was a 5 days shoot) any which way I had to. If anybody tells you the porn industry does not endorse drug use is a liar. I’ve had my fair share of working with girls who worked with every top studio from Wicked to Hustler to Vivid and it was commonplace to make sure the girl(s) were ready, even if that meant drunk (alcohol was always provided and actually I was told when I first started working for Hustler, to provide alcohol on set, because it loosened up the people involved. Crazy.

Shelley: So it’s common for porn stars and crew to use drugs and alcohol on the set?

Christopher: Drugs and alcohol is used by ALL. No exceptions. It’s not out of the realm to have a drug dealer come on set and ‘hook’ women up. It simply happens all the time.

Shelley: What did you see going on the porn sets?

Christopher: I’ve seen some crazy things, drug habits, overdoses, fights between girls or girls and their boyfriends, boyfriends bringing their girlfriends to set bruised up, forcing them to perform simply to get a check. Again crazy things. I’ve seen girls come out of prison and go straight into this business. I’ve had a girl get pregnant from a movie I did for Hustler, there was no protection because Hustler and LFP frowned on condom use on set. Last I heard she was on probation and delivered the baby in jail. It was insane. But it was not uncommon for girls to get pregnant from a set shoot and then paid to have an abortion. This is the well-kept secret in the industry, Hustler, Vivid, Playboy all have a direct working relationship with Planned Parenthood and together they make a lot of money from one another. Girls would be told if they even were thought to be pregnant, they were given a pill (morning after) and it does happen quite a lot in the business.

Shelley: Were any of the women ever coerced or forced into doing sex acts they weren’t comfortable with?

Christopher: All the time. You have to remember, in the studios eyes women are nothing but meat. They are literally slaves, with the illusion of fame and fortune, but take it from me, they are not free moral agents in most circumstances, they are guided by habits, physical violence at home, or they are struggling to make payments on a mortgage. Nobody goes into this business for the “fun” of it.

Shelley: What is the average age of a girl who wanted to be in porn?

Christopher: 17. I don’t care what anyone tells you, 17 is the starting age of many girls in this business. The younger the more money it makes Hustler, Vivid, Wicked, Playboy and they know it too. I recall a girl, she had just turned 18 and we were in a coffee shop on a college campus, she asked me about getting into the business in one of my films I was planning. The next thing I know is, she’s topless. It’s that crazy. And the reason is, in most cases, they (girls) are looking for attention, someone to care for them because they aren’t getting that same love or attention at home. The sad thing is, the industry is filled with the faces of that same girl I remember those many years ago trying desperately to break into this industry. That’s why Hustler, Playboy, Wicked and other studios venture into the college campuses across the nation. It’s a pool of fresh meat. I’ve seen producers hook up with Ron Jeremy and do campus cattle calls and while on campuses, these same girls would perform sex acts on Ron or the producers or both or each other in front of hundreds wanting in. I personally know one of the producers who went to the big 10 campuses with Ron or without Ron and go into these bars and clubs, all of which are on colleges and Universities and persuade girls to get naked and have sex in PUBLIC! You simply don’t hear about this because it’s a well hidden secret. Sad.

Shelley: Why do you think women agree to do porn?

Christopher: I think women get into porn because they see an illusion presented to them. Hollywood, fame, reality programs play a HUGE part in the desire for any woman to get out of the hardness of life and make fast money and get a ‘name’ but the price is the soul. The desire for love is a big one and if that means they can be “loved” or have some sort of emotional aspect of love from a stranger, even if it’s on a porn set, for many that’s enough reason to get into the business. I think it’s also our culture today – especially young people today. 10 -20 years ago only certain types of women would dare even consider porn, but because porn has sadly become intermixed within our culture and it’s so “normal”, it’s no longer looked upon as a taboo, it’s almost a badge of honor.

Shelley: How do you feel about the recent condom ordinance that went into effect March 5?

Christopher: From a mere health position, as insane as that is, it’s a start, but it doesn’t go far enough in my view – shut it all down is my view. But we live in a realistic world. Condoms won’t hinder HIV and they (studios and health professionals) know that!

Shelley: Yes, I feel the State of California must shut it down since the industry refuses to comply with health and safety and sex trafficking laws!

Shelley: Please watch this shocking video of footage of women being abused on the porn set and give me your input: *removed* (BEWARE GRAPHIC CONTENT!)

Christopher: It’s disturbing to say the least. I have heard of it happening because I heard the rumors going around town. There were an element of characters I stayed away from because they were, how do I put it, were bottom feeders. And let me say this, Hustler was no different. They didn’t care! The pressure for turnaround (money), marketing, sales and profit simply doesn’t include the safe and well-being of the talent, but why should it? In the major studios like Hustler or Vivid, it’s all about money; it’s never about the well-being of the woman or even the man. And let me just say this, too often we never see the end results of the men who get caught up in this, I know one individual who was a working actor in this business and he committed suicide. The trail of destruction is a long one, but it’s the price paid for fame.

Shelley: Are people in porn able to have loving relationships, marriages?

Christopher: No. It is impossible to separate the two for they are one and the same. Sooner or later that world, just like every other aspect of Hollywood, seeps into the private lives of those involved and the casualties are piling up. When I came into the business, I worked with a producer who was married and the marriage practically ended up in ruins. The most foolish thing one can say is that it doesn’t affect one’s life, but it does. I’ve known many who allowed their wives to act or do sex scenes with other men – or women, then they have a private affair and the man goes nuts -why? You weren’t so concerned when she was having sex with another man on set? The justification in the mind simply doesn’t make sense. The price for sin has always been an expensive one.

Shelley: How did you get out of porn? Who saved or helped you?

Christopher: I had a praying mom. I was in Los Angeles for a week, I was to meet execs from Vivid and then to meet execs from a mainstream studio, things were changing with me and I was barely holding on to my seat. That evening I was looking out my hotel room window, I watched the planes coming into LAX, they all lined up, and I thought, “They know where they’re going” but I didn’t. It wasn’t until a few nights later, I went to sleep one night, and I had just got a call from a certain friend (Pauly Shore) and all I can explain is that I went to sleep and suddenly had a vision. I saw myself standing by the side of the road, it was raining and I saw my body lying in the street under a crumbled car, I was obviously in a car crash and I knew I didn’t survive. I turned to the right and a black hole suddenly appeared out of nowhere as I found myself being pulled into it. I took one last look back, to catch a glimpse and there was one desire, if I could I would have fought to stay there, but the blackness over took me and I found myself moving deeper into what seemed like a tunnel of rock as I went further down, deep into the caverns and I knew within my spirit I was going to hell. The next thing I knew I was standing in an open space where I saw three holding cells, they were cubicle in design, but formed out of the earth and rock, and I knew that one of them was where I was going to be placed. I stood and contemplated my life and I knew that I would never come out of this place, this horrible place and more importantly, I would never hear my mom pray for me again – I was lost, without hope, without grace without Christ. Then suddenly, I was thrown back into the light and I woke up. I found myself in my bed, but my bed was literally covered in sweat, I had soaked my bed!

It was weeks later that I was driving back home, when I could literally hear God speak to my heart and he told me he was giving me a chance to make things right. Then one particular afternoon, I felt God convict my heart and I knew God was dealing with me to come home. I fought it at first, but then I simply asked Christ into my life and suddenly I knew, God loved me! Christ came into my life, forgave me of every wrong I ever did, he saved me from sin, death and hell. I cried all night practically, but I was overjoyed because I gave my life to Jesus Christ and he loved me enough that he saved me! Everything was gone, the sin, the guilt, the hate, the anger, everything, it was all gone the minute I accepted Christ into my life.

Since then I am preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, a restored man who is new in Christ and telling the world that there is second chances – I’m living proof. 

Shelley: That is AWESOME Christopher! What are you doing now for Christ?

Christopher: I am a writer and author of many Christian articles and books and my ministry page is at My books below can be purchased through Amazon online.

The Noah Files – 

Sodom USA –

I also travel across the Midwest and South proclaiming the Gospel in a tent ministry, where we see salvations, healing, miracles and the prophetic released upon people who desire to be set free from the bondages of sin. Currently I’m preparing for going into India and Africa then on into the UK preaching the gospel, seeing the sick healed and working in the prophetic.

Shelley: What would you like to tell those who are still caught up in the industry?

Christopher: If I could say one thing to those caught up within this industry, there is a way out – it is through Jesus Christ. No one will ever love you enough like Christ will. No one will ever change your life like Christ will. No one can ever remove the hurt, the pain, the bitterness, the guilt like Jesus Christ can. Men will promise you fame, money, success but all they are offering you is a temporary fix to a lifetime of pain, yet Jesus Christ came and died that you could have life and life more abundantly. The enemy is a liar, he comes to steal, kill and destroy and he’ll use whatever means necessary to do it, even if it means money, but Christ has come to set us free if we’ll just accept his love and forgiveness. God’s not on a guilt trip, he wants us to come to him, repent of our sins and live for him, but the only way we can receive that is by turning over our lives to Jesus Christ, his son. I hope and pray those who would read this would know that there is hope, there is mercy and there is love and it’s through Jesus Christ.

But let me add this one word to those within this industry, the power behind the studios, the men and women who are hell bent on destroying lives, who would mock my words – your day is coming. One day, unless you repent, will face an almighty God and this same God will judge you for every action, for every lie, for every deed done to make you rich, to make you wealthy on the backs and lives of these men and women, you WILL give and account for this and if you don’t repent and come to Christ, you’ll have to answer to God and on that day, you’ll have no excuse, no mercy and hell will await you. The Larry Flynt’s of the world, the Hugh Hefner’s, the Steve Hirsch’s, these men who have shown no mercy in their desire to get gain, will stand before God and they will have no answer. But Christ loved them enough to give them that opportunity to repent. But they will have much to answer for.