Gilbert Horn is a successful business and family man with a deep dark secret. His obsession leads him to lie to those around him, betray his wife and enslave innocent girls. As he struggles with temptation, he is desperate for intervention to save him from self-destructing. 10 Seconds is a story of a sex addict and a sex slave.

10 Second Movie


Bella Veritas Productions is proud to present 10 Seconds, a short independent film that draws attention to the demand for human trafficking and how sex addiction adds fuel to a growing fire.  Producers Elena Dering and David Perry began working to raise awareness about Human Trafficking in Nashville, TN in 2005. As their cultural conscience was awakened, they realized how few stories and films there were from the standpoint of the consumer. Later, Dering and Perry joined forces with Matthew Rampulla and Aaron Horn, who were also very passionate about the issue of human trafficking—10 Seconds is a product of this collaboration.

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