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Survey from Fight The New Drug (FTND)

Do You Have 10 Minutes?

Hey Fighters,

As you know, at Fight the New Drug, our mission is to raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography.

We are working with a researcher who would like to better understand the “why” behind certain sexual behaviors. He has developed an anonymous survey to help all of us better understand what this fight for love entails. For this, we need your help!

Have you ever struggled with pornography or another type of unwanted sexual behavior? If so, please help us with this survey! (If not, we will not need you to take this survey.)

Here’s some more information about the survey:

  • It’s going to ask some pretty specific questions, so be ready for that.
  • It will take you about 10 minutes to complete. You can stop and come back if you need to take a break.
  • The survey is completely anonymous.
  • Please complete the survey by January 20th.

Click on this link to begin (for best user experience, use a tablet, laptop, or desktop). – Copy and paste this link if the link above does not work.

Thank you for your contribution.


Clay Olsen
Fight the New Drug

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