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Castimonia’s Paratus Men’s Retreat 2016 – Registration Ends Next Week on NOVEMBER 1st!

This is a reminder that registration for the Paratus Men’s Retreat will end next week on Tuesday, November 1st. Only 8 spots left for the retreat registration.  Please register now if you intend to attend the retreat!

Here is some information on the retreat.  I pray that the Lord uses this retreat to help men in their sexual purity journey.  The link to register for the retreat is at the bottom of this page.

Friday, November 11th – Sunday, November 13th.

Castimonia’s Paratus Retreat is sponsored by Armaturam, LLC and is a retreat for any man who struggles with any type of sexual purity.  Paratus, Latin for equipped.

If you are wondering about whether to attend this retreat, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you fully equipped for the spiritual battle that is raging around us right now?
  • Are you a man who strives for biblical sexual purity?
  • Are you a man who struggles with maintaining that sexual purity?
  • Do you want a circle of brothers helping you in your sexual purity journey?

Join us for a weekend dedicated to equipping adult men of all ages, all walks of life, and various levels of struggle with the tools necessary to wage this spiritual battle and emerge on the other side as the sexually pure men that God intended us to be.

At the retreat, we will discuss strategies for equipping ourselves with tactics necessary for battling the enemy. We will discover the true meaning of brotherhood and fellowship. The leaders of the retreat will set the example of vulnerability and accountability. We hope to pave the way for all men to be fully equipped to wage war against Satan’s tempting assaults and emerge VICTORIOUS.

Castimonia Retreat

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