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I saw this 6 minute film trailer a while back.  I was reluctant to post it because a few of the short scenes concerning prostitution (no nudity, etc…) may be triggering to some sexual addicts early in recovery.  I hope that they can look past it and watch this trailer.  At a minimum, skip to the 5:06 mark and listen to what Melinda Giovengo, Executive Director of Youth Care, has to say about the reality of prostitution.  Also, at the 1:50 mark, you can hear a man who knows he has a problem, but hasn’t identified his sexual addiction and the explanation on “why” he did the things he did even though he didn’t want to “hurt people.”

This project is a raw look at prostitution and trafficking in Seattle, one of the busiest hubs for trafficking of women and girls in the US.  With footage taken on the streets of commercial sexual exploitation as it happens, as well as interviews of leading experts on prostitution and pornography, the Rape For Profit team exposes the viewer to the utter depravity and degradation of commercial sex in our communities.

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  1. My advice is that Christians separate themselves from this dubious “ministry” called fighting “sexual slavery”. Human trafficking, including sex trafficking, is *already* against the law. “Good men” have already decided that these things are wrong; there is no need to “pile on” that end of the effort.

    As it stands now, I think the United States government should provide more incentives and ways for victims to come forward (8oo numbers, undercover outreach) as well as to allow johns to report possible underage prostitution. If they really want to crack down on trafficking, make prostitution legal. This would give a means for the state to oversee and protect the employees of such services. Those involved in the legal trade will blow the whistle on illegal outfits (competition). I think most of the money and effort being poured into this relatively non-existent crime (sex trafficking in the U.S.*) is wasted as I see it, for that reason. Much of this has been documented as a myth already. There are no thousands of trafficked women at superbowls, etc. The statistics are known to be conflated and baseless guestimates. The hyped “100,000 – 300,000 girls” trafficked has been traced to its origin, which was an estimate of young people “potentially at risk” of being abused or trafficked in some way, not an estimate of those actually involved in “sexual slavery”. (Why would there be a market for sexual slavery when girls give it away every day for free?) The mere fact that there is a 200,000 person margin of error should scream “bogus” to any thinking person. This is hype. It is a side issue and a criminal justice issue, not a church issue, unless you know of someone who is being trafficked.

    The church’s job is to preach the gospel to every person, but instead they do prayer walks and “mapping”, worship “warfare” and wail about sex trafficking. These are unwarranted, unbiblical, dead end tangents away from the core of the gospel, which is to help people be “saved, delivered, by grace through faith” and how shall they hear without a preacher? The church has refused to send evangelists to the streets of the cities and towns of the United States and has instead adopted the social gospel. Their erroneous theory is we’ll feed the hungry, help the needy, and they will see Jesus in this, blah blah blah. BOGUS ! COWARDS! and disobedient to God. Every church should have a fervent, effective mission program to their locale and every member should find a spot in that task, whether on the front lines or staying back with the stuff.(1 Sam.30:24)

    * ” Seventy-six percent of all human-trafficking victims certified in 2008 were victims of labor trafficking, he said, while sex trafficking accounted for 17 percent. Five percent of victims were subject to both forms of trafficking.” according to Kenneth Wolfe with HHS

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