Enough with Intimacy Already! I am really getting weary of practicing intimacy. I suck at it. However, I keep getting more opportunities to practice.


  1. Joe says:

    Wow… Thank you for that powerful emotional release. Last September my wife and I began a 90 day fast at my insistence. I was hoping it would be a pill to cure my sexual addiction, but it instead became the worst and most damaging relapse of my marriage. I began deceiving my wife, declared great success, and attributed it all to the fast while in fact I had begun looking at hardcore pornography and masturbating several times a week, something I hadn’t done in over 6 years. Just like the author of this Journal, our fast was scheduled to end on Christmas as well, though that just occurred by accident. My wife expressed such excitement at out being sexually intimate again and was so pleased that I had been so “pure” through our fast and was excited to share in a new sexual experience with me. Finally on December 21st, I was able to tell my wife the truth of what I had been doing over the past 3 months, which not only caused her great pain at my betrayal, but destroyed Christmas. Not just the family time, but also the sexual experience that she had been so looking forward to. She was so crushed and just hearing this unlikely similarity between the author and my story, and thinking of what he stood to share with his wife if he actually succeeded in his fast, just opened a flood of emotion for me and I was able to express to my wife the intense guilt and sorrow I felt over my actions. Thank you for these Bonus Podcasts. Please keep them coming!

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