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Doug discusses how the format and hosts of the podcast will be changing in the upcoming weeks and months due to personal challenges.

He discusses how being sober will help deal with all aspects of life, including challenges.

He gives motivation for how to face the world of problems and challenges by focusing on the strength for today.

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Intimacy means more than I imagine. All of the definitions are difficult to achieve!

Doug discusses the importance of telling your story in addiction recovery. It is a powerful way to become more connected and develop a stronger community.  We learn to overcome our character defects, and we see how God can use our brokenness to benefit others.

Doug discusses the practical ways to begin the process as well as the overall importance in doing so.

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Remember that as you walk this road of recovery, you are not alone.

Doug discusses his character defect of Abandonment and how it can feel all-consuming at times. He discusses illustrations that point out the negative aspects of abandonment that can creep in without being aware.

He also discusses practical ways to overcome fear and abandonment by being healthy emotionally and vulnerable in relationship.

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Jorge and Doug discuss the aspects of forgiveness in recovering from sexual addiction. They focus on the power of accepting the forgiveness of God through the power of Jesus on the cross. 

They focus on practical ways to separate forgiveness from forgetting, and how to use our memory of who we once were as a defense against temptation.

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Disclosure is the worst best day of my life. I know it is the worst day of my wife’s life. I can’t believe this is actually the right thing to do.

Tony is the founder of the “Power of Purity” ministries, and he is a fellow podcaster in the fight for sexual purity. This conversation highlights his story and the work that God has done in his life, ministry, and marriage.

He talks about practical approaches to recovery and marriage. He gives a “real” and straight take on fighting for sexual purity and keeping the “holy vow” of marriages.

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