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Castimonia Purity Podcast Episode 40: Interview with Dr. Milton Magness and Marsha Means Part 1

Marsha Means and Dr. Magness are co-authoring a new book that is designed to be a resource for therapist, addicts, spouses and family. Their new book “Real Hope/True Freedom: Understanding and Coping with Sex Addiction” is designed in a “FAQ” format to be a resource.

In this podcast they discuss the book as well as practical advice for recovery and spousal support. The share from their vast personal experience working with couples, addicts, and spouses.

This is a 2 part series, so make sure to listen to episode 41 to get the “rest of the story”.

For more information on the work of Marsha Means, please visit acircleofjoy.com, and to learn more about the work of Dr. Magness, please visit hopeandfreedom.com or listen to his previous podcast.

As always, email us at puritypodcast@castimonia.org for more information!

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