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Castimonia Purity Podcast Episode 36B: Working Step 4 – Resentments

Part B – Jorge and Doug discuss the next aspect of working Step 4 in sex addiction recovery.   If you haven’t listened to steps 1-3, it may be a good idea to listen to episode 31 (Step 3), episode 20 (step 2), and episodes 9/10 (step one).  Also part A of step four was released a few days before this episode.

In this podcast, they discuss how to work through resentments. Our childhood, development, and adulthood are full of resentments that we store and ignore.  Jorge and Doug explore the importance of bringing those resentments to light to deal with them.  Expectations that we have placed on others and disappointments have to be dealt with in recovery, so they discuss practical way to do so.

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