Of all the content we have posted on Castimonia.org, these read journal entries are some of the most powerful.  Please take a few minutes to listen to these.

I am a Christian and a sex addict. This is my Journal through Recovery as it happens. I will expand on my written journals and provide a verbal account of every step of my experience. Join me each episode as I share my thoughts, feelings, and even some learnings as they happen.

As an addict, I am new to intimacy. These episodes are part of my recovery, part of building intimacy, part of sharing my story. I hope you find something in my experience that is of benefit to you in your own journey.

Take what you like and leave the rest.

Discovery is that moment when it all comes out. It happens differently for everyone. Discovery for me was the moment when I had to come face to face with the impact of my deception. It was when I couldn’t manipulate my spouse or hide what I had been doing anymore. This episode is the story of my discovery and how I reached a crossroads on whether to stay in my addiction or move forward into recovery.

  1. Frank Honess says:

    Wow, this was powerful. Are there more of these? Or are you releasing them each week?

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