Mike takes us through his life’s story that walks us through his addiction story. His honest approach to the dark days in his past show the power that Satan can have over us. 

He talks about his youth as well as the slippery slope of his addiction. His progression into bondage of sexual sin is one that highlights the broken thinking and false beliefs that we tell ourselves.

Listen for how his story is like your story…we all have brokenness and areas that God can mend. It is about turning all of us over to Him.  Listen to part B about the hope and freedom that Mike found in his spirtual program of recovery.

Our testimonies now will follow a part A and part B format to highlight the brokeness of the addiction, but we will utilize a part B to give ample time to the message of hope and freedom.

Please visit castimonia.org for more information about sex addiction recovery, or you can email us at puritypodcast@castimonia.org

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