Castimonia’s primary purpose is to help men recover from sexual impurity and reach a Biblically-based sexual purity.  However, Castimonia fully supports the healing of our spouses via various recovery groups.  Occasionally, we will post information for spouses of men who struggle with sexual purity.  Below is some information sent to us from a couple’s therapist to share with the recovery community.

There is a new call-in partner’s meeting that began last week. Friday at 11:00 am Central, Infidelity Survivors Anonymous started a weekly call-in meeting. These meetings will last for one hour.
Infidelity Survivors Anonymous (ISA) is a 12-step fellowship for women who are or have been in relationship with a sex addict. ISA is the only major partners’ fellowship that I know of that is focused on the trauma partners receive in their relationships rather than on codependent behaviors.

In order to add new features to the call, the ISA call-in meeting has a new number and passcode:

New number (515) 739-1020
Access code: 876512#

You will remain anonymous and after the meeting is over you can stay on the line for fellowship with the other members who were on the call.

Please share this email on your social media accounts.
For more information about ISA, go to
  1. Matt says:

    Do you know of any men’s purity support groups meeting at any churches, similar to this, in the greater Sacramento, CA area?
    I am in desperate need of help & healing.

    Thank you

    • Castimonia says:


      You might try Sex Addicts Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery in your area. Also, Castimonia has a telemeeting you can call into every Friday at 12noon CST. I hope this helps!

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