A member of Castimonia has graciously volunteered to post a real time “play-by-play” journey through his recovery via his private journal entries.  These posts will be made weekly and I pray it helps men in their journey through recovery.

Journal Through Recovery

This is my journey through recovery in real time, as it happens. I will give you insights and thoughts as they occur through every step of my experience.  Feedback and questions are welcome.  I make no claim of expertise or advanced knowledge.  I am on the same path that many have followed. I am seeking guidance, support, wisdom, and prayer just like any other addict.

Join me each week as I give an unfiltered account of my hopes, prayers, anxieties, fears, and hopefully some learnings as well. I will start practicing rigorous honesty here…….I am terrified about being so transparent with emotions.  As an addict, I am new at this whole intimacy thing.  I hope you find something here that, in the words of my counselor, reinforces a primary truth….you are not alone!

  1. Frank Honess says:

    Are these entries from the experiences this member is currently walking through or from their past?

    • Castimonia says:

      He is currently going through his recovery so this is “live” so to speak. Of course, he has to send his entries to me so I can review and edit if needed. 🙂

      • Frank Honess says:

        I’m curious if his wife and counselor know that he’s posting these things online for hundreds, maybe even thousands of eyes to read? If that hasn’t been discussed and disclosed as well that could also add to the hurt. Conversely, if it has been discussed and approved then it could be really healthy. I know I appreciate his honesty and transparency as a brother who formerly struggled with a sexual addiction.

      • Castimonia says:

        Yes, it was his counselor’s idea. It will also be anonymous.

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