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How to Navigate Unemployment + Recovery

by Jeff Fisher on August 13, 2013

unemployment1During the last 6 years of my recovery I have had several periods of unemployment. They are humbling, hard and adds a lot of stress to an already stressful time.

I am going through another one now.

For me, I had to step out of full-time ministry and falling back on my Finance degree while I worked on my sobriety and healed.  I took whatever accounting and finance jobs I could take.  But contracts end and companies transition.  I have not been in a steady job for more than 2 1/2 years.

Yuck!  It’s challenging.

Unemployment is a testing period.  Will we be able to make it?  Pay the bills?  Will I be able to get another job?  Do we have to dip into our savings or retirement or borrow money?


1.  Support – Beef up your support team.  Some friends are better supporting you with the jobless part.  Others are better in recovery.  Be sure to talk about your feelings and stresses with your sexual addition support group, accountability partner, counselor & minister.

2.  Structure – More time alone with nothing to do equals trouble.  Set up a daily routine.  Make your To-Do list.

jungle_machete3.  Take Load Off of Your Spouse – You need someone (other than your spouse) walking along side you.  Make a great effort to find this person.  Your spouse cannot bear the full load of your hard times.  He / she will already be having a challenging time with it.  I have a couple of friends I call when things get overwhelming.

4.  Time in the Word – Simple, yes?  But it’s amazing how we can put this off because we’re looking for a job.  Try reading II Corinthians.  During a lull in your day read a chapter or two out loud.  It’s helping me a lot.

5.  Job Coaching – We need veterans with wisdom to guide us, help us think, and keep us moving.  Ask around your church for people who know unemployment or career guidance.  Check with your community colleges.  Somebody’s been through it who can be an encouragement for you.

6.  Find a Holy Place – A place you can get away to pray, read, journal, sing and pour your heart out to the Lord.  I have  a screened-in back porch which is holy to me.  Dunkin’ Donuts is also a holy place for me!

7.  Get Out of the House – Sitting in the house or in front of the computer spirals into very bad places and depression.  Get out.  Go for a walk.  Go to a park.  Hit the gym.

OTHER TIPS? Q:  What other suggestions do you have for those who are jobless + in recovery?

Q:  How did you navigate through your own jobless time?

NEED SOME ENCOURAGEMENT? I’m glad to chat with you and help you not feel alone during your time of joblessness + recovery.  I’m right in the middle of one right now.   @porntopurity on Twitter

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