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turnoffradioMany of us have felt it, thought it, and probably said it out loud, “Oh, what difference can I, just one person, make in this loud and porn-saturated culture?”

Honestly, there is something you can do…something that will make a difference for the next generation. It’s a small, yet significant step in the right direction, the kind that will help to create a new kind of culture: one that embraces truth and dignity.

Sounds like a grandiose vision, yet getting started takes one simple conscious act.

Turn off your radio.

Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Read the following song lyrics from Kesha’s new release (C’mon) and you be the judge of what kind of culture our sons and daughters are saturated in:

Feeling like I’m a high schooler, Sipping on a warm wine cooler.  

Hot ’cause the party don’t stop, I’m in a crop top like I’m working at Hooters. 

We been keepin’ it PG, But I wanna get a little frisky.

Come gimme some of it, yum like a lollipop, Let me set you free.

We’re both going home satisfied, Let’s go for it just for tonight,

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. 

 I don’t wanna go to sleep, I wanna stay up all night, I wanna just screw around. 

I don’t wanna think about, What’s gonna be after this, I wanna just live right now

The misguiding, sexual and pornographic messages in these lyrics are so obvious that it seems pointless to over analyze or debate the fact. Just think about what exactly is being forecasted to a younger generation through these words.

And the second step? Begin talking to your kids.

Protecting kids from this kind of message means taking action and speaking up. When we do this, we get to influence our sons and daughters, instead of allowing the culture around them to have its way with their impressionable young minds. We get to help create a new culture for them to grow up in.

So, be encouraged – be empowered – turn off your radio and let the conversation begin…today!fam

Here are some other ideas for you to consider:

1) If you don’t want to turn the radio off, at least change the station and explain why to your kids.

2) Talk to your kids about sex; if you don’t, they’ll learn about it elsewhere (from Kesha?! One has to shudder!).

3) Tell your kids, at the appropriate age (and it’s younger than you think), the truth about pornography and all of its not-so-subtle messages pushed on them by the media.

4) Ask your son and daughter what they think about lyrics such as in this song…and really listen to their answer – you might learn something.

5) Critique your own music choices; if you wouldn’t want it for your daughter or son, then why listen to it?

6) Offer or introduce your kids to music that is inspiring, challenging, fun, beautiful, interesting, and emotive.  There is a treasure trove of great music in all styles; and as wisdom would tell us, the radio is not the best place to find innovation or true greatness.

7) Teach your kids that sex is a sacred gift from God; one that is to be enjoyed and valued, not a taboo, dirty subject.

8) Tell your daughter and son she/he is worth waiting for! Empower them to say ‘NO to sex…and, by the way, oral sex is sex!’

9)  Tell your kids that ‘screwing around’ leads 1 in 4 teens to having an STI – leaving many of our daughters affected for life.

10) Be grateful for every opportunity to talk about such issues and take advantage of them – you’ll get plenty of them!! Your kids will thank you one day…much later in life, of course!

11) And one more, call your local DJ and radio stations and tell them why you are offended by songs such as these and why you will not tune in.

Whatever you decide to do to help create a new culture of truth and dignity, remember this: it’s never too late to start – and you don’t even need a radio to do it!

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