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Hall and Oates helped me remember the problem….

ImageHall and Oates helped me remember the problem….
by Escape from Porn
Posted December 27, 2012

Shot this picture the other days while checking out at my local grocery store.  I knew I would use it in a post, but couldn’t formulate the words until just last night.  While driving home from a Christmas trip with my family I heard an old 80′s tune from Hall and Oats called, “Method of Modern Love”.  While I know what the song deals with, I instantly recalled my magazine cover.  As the world we live in becomes more and more pornified, there is more and more attention given to the mechanics of sex rather than the emotional intimacy side.  The world would have us master the art of “mind blowing” sex, rather than the art of communication and emotional intimacy and honesty.

In my recovery from daily viewing of porn and masturbation, I have found that striving to commit my thoughts and actions 100% to my spouse, the resulting levels of emotional intimacy are far more satisfying than the “EPIC SEX” the world would tell me I am missing out on.  Sex isn’t about the M-E-T-H-O-D but about honesty and communication.  The euphoria and resulting levels of physical intimacy I enjoy now are far more lasting than the temporary thrills and rush of dopamine I use to indulge in.  Pornography is a cheap counterfeit for the genuine love I feel now.

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