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Is America in Danger of Becoming Sodom and Gomorrah?

Awesome video of this past Sunday’s (June 3, 2012) message by Pastor Tim Pepper from The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch, Castimonia’s home church.  He does an amazing job at bringing our sexual impurity to light and explains why Sodom & Gomorrah were really destroyed.  He gives eye-opening statistics on sexual purity issues and even goes on to rebuke Christian anti-gay, anti-sexual impurity rhetoric that has plagued the church.  The church should be the safest place a person struggling with sexual purity should go for help!  His passion on this subject is awesome!  It is the best 45 minutes I have spent in listening to a sermon in church!

“Sex has become bigger than God in our society”
“We are all broken, we are all sexually broken”
– Pastor Tim Pepper

Download the Sermon Notes here: Life Change Sheet PDF

Download the MP3 podcast here: Sodom and Gomorrah Podcast

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1 thought on “Is America in Danger of Becoming Sodom and Gomorrah?”

  1. that the essence of the new caonevnt is the three commandments of love. that god loved us first and thru grace we believers in turn love him back with the same love. that we are to love ourselves and our neighbor(who is every body else) in the same way that christ love us.romans and galatians . that the 2nd commmandment is the summation of all, all new caonevnt law. that under the new caonevnt we no longer live under the law as in deut 28, but grace, and now the law which is a shadow of things to come not the realities themselves is to make believers conscious of NOT loving their neighbor as themselves . and because being gay does not come against the love of the 2nd commandment(love neighbor)(knowing we cannot love god if we are not loving our neighbor also ) it is not a sin.mark that which is not against us is for us and just because certain things are not written specifically in scripture does not mean they are against god.1cor13 anything without love is nothing and gains nothing obedience, faith,belief, etc

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