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Am I Addicted to Pornography?
by curepornaddiction

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Judge for yourself. 

Take the FREE Pornography Screening Test, and You decide whether or not you have an addiction.

As you keep reading this article, you discover behaviors that linked to pornography addiction. You begin to wonder: Do I need to make a decision to change?

Am I Addicted to Pornography?

I assume that you care about using pornography, or else you would not be reading this Blog.  You may be alarmed at how much time and money you have spent for sexual entertainment.

Perhaps, you are wondering if you have an addiction.

In Patrick Carnes’ book In the Shadows of the Net; Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior, he presents a Screening Test on internet sexual behaviors.

The test indicates behaviors that are sexually problematic.

Now, honestly rate each of the 25 indicators.  You just mark true (t) or false (f) for each statement.  A true answer is more so than false.  A false answer is more so than true. At the end of the test, you will be instructed how to determine the results.

Now, take the test with a heart-felt effort.

Pornography Screening Test

25 Indicators That May Reveal a Pornography Addiction

___1 I have had porn sites bookmarked.

___2 I have spent more than five hours per week online viewing pornography.

___3 I have joined porn sites for sexual merchandise.

___4 I have bought porn products online.

___5 I have searched the internet using porn products as key words to find more pornography.

___6 I have spent more money on pornography than I originally had intended to spend.

___7 Pornography has interfered with other areas of my life.

___8 I have visited chat rooms.

___9 I have used a sexual nickname as a username for porn Web sites.

___10 I have masturbated while surfing online for porn sites.

___11 I have viewed and retrieved pornography on computers that I don’t own.

___12 I have kept online pornography a secret.

___13 I have attempted to hide my screen or monitor from others while I view porn.

___14 I have stayed up later than midnight to view porn sites.

___15 I have uses porn sites to learn how to do various facets of sexuality such as anal sex, bondage, and homosexuality.

___16 I own a Web site that includes explicit sexual material.

___17 I have promised myself to stop viewing pornography.

___18 I have used pornography as a reward for accomplishing a goal or finishing a task.

___19 I feel disappointed, angry, and anxious when I am unable to view pornography.

___20 I have given out my phone number, name, and even met people offline.

___21 I have cancelled pornography subscriptions or taken time-outs as a way to punish myself for viewing too much porn.

___22 I have had a face-to-face romantic relationship with someone offline whom I met online.

___23 I have had conversations online with others using sexual innuendos and humor.

___24 I have come across illegal sexual material online and considered purchasing it.

___25 I think that I am a sex addict.

Total responses for “true” ____: Total responses for “false” ____.

At this point, you tally how many statements that you marked “true.”

A previous study of 935 individuals found that people who  chose 19 statements as true had problematic sexual behaviors (Carnes & et al., 2001, p.p. 26 – 28).

If you do not like what you discovered about your usage of pornography, perhaps, you may want to find a therapist certified in sexual therapy or a 12-step support group.  12-step programs use sponsors to assist people in recovery.

Judge for yourself if you need a change.

Decide and act today.


Dale Criswell

P.S.  During recovery, you take small steps at a time; answering, what next?


Carnes, P., Delmonico, D. L., Griffin, E., & Moriarity, J. M. (2001). In the shadows of the net; breaking free of compulsive online sexual behavior. p. 26 – 28. Center City; Minnesota: Hazelden Foundation.  Retrieve from:  


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