is a group based in the Houston area that seeks to open up the barriers that prevent parents from engaging with their kids in conversations about porn. This podcast is an interview with the founder, Beau that captures his heart for the mission to get the message to all those who are suffering as well as educate our children effectively.

Beau and Doug discuss the real dangers of pornography, and how Pornknow is engaging in the fight.

Learn how you can have give seminars at your church as well as learn about the tremendous free resource on their website.

Pornography isn’t just going away, and we need to be ready to talk openly about it. We need to know what avenues are available in seeking help as the nation begins to realize the grip that porn has on our society.

Visit to learn more about Beau’s organization and learn how to join the fight.  Also make sure to visit for the statistical information.

Email us at for more information or to give us your feedback, and remember that you are not walking this road alone!

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