Old news, but still relevant.  With all the addictions Lawrence has struggled with, maybe he needs to look into the possibility of having a sexual addiction.  My opinion is that LT should have been thrown in jail for a while.  Maybe then, he would have hit rock bottom and entered recovery.  The names of the victim has been removed in an effort to keep curious addicts from searching her name on the internet…

March 24, 2011
By: Holly Craw

LTWhen Lawrence Taylor was arrested in May, 2010, he was originally charged with felony 3rd degree statutory rape and 3rd degree felony patronization of an underage prostitute. These crimes would have carried a sentence of five years in prison. He pled “not guilty” at the time. When the case was brought to trial in January, 2011, Taylor changed his plea to “guilty” of the lesser crimes of sexual misconduct with a minor and patronizing a prostitute. Both crimes are Class A misdemeanors, one step down from the former charges which are Class E felonies.

The sentence handed down is six years probation and registration as a sex offender, but the sex offender status has not been determined yet.

The 16 year-old girl, ********* ******, who visited Taylor’s hotel room May 6, 2010 was there under orders from her pimp, ******* *****, who has been charged in a separate trial. ****** texted her uncle while enroute to the hotel stating that she was being forced to have sex with a man, and that ***** had already beaten her into compliance. Because of this, police were waiting for ***** when they returned home, after ****** had been paid $300 for a sexual encounter with Taylor, who was also arrested.

Lawrence Taylor, former New York Giants linebacker, has been called “the best ever to play the game (of football)” with 12 trips to the Super Bowl and MVP and Hall of Fame credits, for starters. He has also acted in movies and the TV series, The Sopranos, and had his moments of fame on Dancing with the Stars. One might say he had it all.

Known for his reckless behavior on and off the field, Taylor admits to many run-ins with the law. From cocaine abuse to hit-and-run accidents to “patronizing prostitutes” on more than one other occasion, he was no stranger to a darker side of life. He even hired call-girls to visit the opposing team’s players the night before a big game, “to tire them out”.

********* ****** claims she was a victim. In New York, the law states that a person less than 17 years of age is legally incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse or other sexual contact. These laws are typically known as statutory rape laws. Taylor throws the word “prostitute” back in her face, and excuses his justification for a paid sexual encounter with being on the road for 10 or 11 days, and that she stated she was 19.

****** is a victim in many ways. She is typical of most of the 200,000+ kids who are forced into sex slavery, starting out as runaways who have generally been abused first at home. Somehow, families are often failing their children, making them vulnerable to predators like ***** and Taylor. Somehow, families are often failing their children, giving them grounds to become sexual predators who then blame the victims for their evil deeds. Somehow, the legal system is failing, meting out a few years of probation or at best, a very few years of prison, for the raping and selling of children’s bodies. Somehow, the media is grossly failing, by presenting an unending supply of sexualized programming that makes light of people’s pain and gives permission to use sexuality as a self-gratifying weapon that destroys those in its wake.

Our country is beginning to wake up to these facts, and change is happening. Laws are becoming more strict as a means of deterrence. Victims and survivors of sex trafficking and abuse are getting more compassionate care. Hopefully, we will learn how to address the root causes of rampant child rape and not just focus on the symptoms.

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