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Waiting For God

Torrential rains cause a river to rise and a dam to break, flooding a valley. There is a small cabin in that valley, so the lone occupant heads for the roof and prays that God would miraculously rescue him.

Moments later, as the waters have reached halfway up the house, a boat full of people comes by. “Hey,” they call out, “we have room for you! Come aboard!”

“No thanks,” the man says, “I prayed and I know God’s going to rescue me!”

The boat floats on and the man waits some more while the waters continue to rise to the level of the roof.

A helicopter flies into the valley and the pilot lowers a rope ladder. But the man waves it off.

“No thanks,” he says again, “I prayed and I know God’s going to rescue me!”

So off flies the helicopter as the waters rise higher and higher. They engulf the man, who passes away and is immediately met at the Gates of Heaven by God.

“God!” the man says. “I prayed and prayed! Why didn’t you rescue me?”

God looks him in the eye and says, “I sent you a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want?

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