Originally posted by CurePornAddiction

If I felt a pull to go online and view pornography, I would substitute tasteful images of women. I told myself that I would only view pictures of the most beautiful women in the world.  However, I spent more and more time online.  I clicked onto Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  I thought: It was okay; I wasn’t looking at porn.  I compulsively visited lingerie Web sites.  Before I realized it, once more, I succumbed to pornography.  The #1 indicator of sexual addiction: Compulsivity grows into an obsession.

I felt that I had gone through this cycle a thousand times; perhaps, I did.  I kept asking God for help; yet, I sought answers from other sources; church leaders, motivational speakers, or life in general.

I had to ask myself, “Did I seek Him with my whole heart.”

Pondering the question for a long time, I had to answer no. I had asked the Higher Power of the universe for help; however, I did not wholly surrender my will.

Now, I feel the pain of sex addiction and experience the universal joys of love.

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