An attendee of Castimonia meetings since 2011 is conducting a study of the effects of deviant sexuality on the brain.  He works as a technician at Unique MindCare, a neurofeedback clinic, where he runs an EEG (electroencephalogram) software program which reads electrical brain activity for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of physical causes in the brain for behavioral symptoms.

They are looking for a minimum of 30 individuals involved in Castimonia who would like to voluntarily participate in a sex addiction study.  Participant involvement is completely voluntary and confidential.

The study aims at examining differences in electrical activity in the brain common within this group’s population compared to other men who do not have these struggles. They expect to find irregularities in areas of the brain known to deal with impulsive behavior, pain and pleasure, fear responses and potentially other areas as well.

This could be used as a way to put a 12th step into action as this research could possibly lead to better understanding the physical reasons to why we struggle as we do and, therefore, later lead to future treatments designed to help relieve symptoms and/or possibly decrease recovery time.  Each participant will also receive a personalized quantitative EEG or “Brain Map”.  A brain map will show you where in your brain there is too much or too little brain activity compared to others your age and can identify strengths or abnormalities that can explain certain, consistent issues. This is a valuable resource which is usually charged at $1,400.00 but will be free of charge in exchange for the participants’ aid to their research.

For more information, please contact Ben or Dominic through any of the following methods;

Phone #s



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