11. Healthy Love encourages us to be ourselves, to be honest from the beginning with who we are, including our faults.
Addictive Love encourages secrets. We want to look good and put on an attractive mask.

 12. Healthy Love flows out.
Addictive Love caves in.

 13. Healthy Love creates a deeper sense of ourselves the longer we are together.
Addictive Love creates a loss of self the longer we are together.

 14. Healthy Love gets easier as time goes on.
Addictive Love requires more effort as time goes on.

 15. Healthy Love is like rowing across a gentle lake.
Addictive Love is like being swept away down a raging river.

 16. Healthy Love grows stronger as fear decreases.
Addictive Love expands as fear increases.

 17. Healthy Love is satisfied with what we have.
Addictive Love is always looking for “more, bigger, better.”

18. Healthy Love encourages interests to expand in the world.
Addictive Love encourages outside interests to contract.

 19. Healthy Love is based on the belief that we want to be together.
Addictive Love is based on the belief that we have to be together.

 20. Healthy Love teaches that we can only make ourselves happy.
Addictive Love expects the other person to make us happy and demands that we make our partner happy.

 21. Healthy Love creates life.
Addictive Love creates melodramas.


We are addicted to our thoughts.
We cannot change anything
if we cannot change our thinking.
Santosh Kalwar


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