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Benediction: Able to Keep You

by Maria Marballi


Stumbling interferes with the sanctification of our hearts.

Darkness can cause us to fall, but Christ is able to keep us.  We cannot forget that it is to Him we send our prayers; He will turn darkness to light, and the the Holy Spirit will help us walk.

When our child’s Internet misuse feels like a despairing cycle, we bow our heads in prayer; He is able.

When the eye lusts and addictions to impurity take hold of the mind and body, we bow our heads in prayer; He will keep us from stumbling.

When we feel like there is no escape from a sinful cycle, we bow our heads in prayerHe can make us stand.

Yet we are quick to become disheartened and overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and hopelessness when bombarded by the images and attitudes of our sexualized culture, and paralyzed by the unholy desire to fix our own problems…or worse, hide them in secrecy.

Surely the Word of God sings a new song.  If we take a moment to consider the power and majesty of the God we serve, we must also acknowledge His awe-inspiring ability and will to protect our hearts and minds from evil.  He can make us blameless.

He desires contrition and the renewal of our hearts in purity, and when we pray for Him to heal and protect, He responds with an overwhelming “Yes.”

Depression and discouragement can spin into an endless cycle of sin, but through the love and faithfulness of Christ Jesus, He fills us with the joy that is our strength.

What verses sustain you during times of trial or temptation?

screen-shot-2012-07-03-at-9-00-00-am1Maria Marballi attends The Ohio State University and was a 2012 pureJUSTICE intern.

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