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Merimnao 5 Year Celebration Reminder (and Childcare)

On this upcoming Saturday, January 10th we will be having Merimnao’s fifth year celebration event.  It begins at 3:30, the presentation part begins at 4 and concludes (we estimate) at 5, we will then spend time chatting with each other and meeting new friends.  It is being held in the life center at the Fellowship, 22765 Westheimer Parkway.

Please make every effort to be there.

Some details:

We will have a combination of audiovisual and testimonies for the first part of the presentation.  In the second part we will recognize some of God’s handiwork and some people, talk a little about what Merimnao is (for the visitors) and then discuss the vision for the ministry going forward.

Childcare is available for children up to 12 years.  This is free for this event!  Come a little early if you are dropping kids off.  Childcare will be in the Student Building, rooms S101 and S102, it will be available from 3 to 6 pm.

Bring any and everybody you want, especially spouses.  Invite people you personally know are engaged in helping ministry or recovery ministry, as leaders or participants.

We will have coffee, Kosmos will be open too and we’ll have some snacks and water.

MINISTRY LEADERS – Please make sure this is announced this week in each group meeting, and invite all present and past group members, because from these people as a group will come future leaders.  E-mail the invitation as you see fit.

AND – We will have a resource center.  So if there are some things you want to display please be sure to bring them.

AND – Make yourself available to talk to people, after the presentation, who might want to know about your ministry.

Finally – can we please ask that every person reply to this email in some way, so we know you received and read it.  – Thanks!



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