I am happy to announce that a trio of leaders have stepped forward to restart the Parakaleo women’s support group.

Parakaleo is a Christian support group for women whose lives have been affected by the sexual behavior of a significant male in their lives.  The group is designed for the female partners of men who struggle with maintaining sexual purity, no matter what the man’s struggle might be.

Date: Monday Nights starting March 24th
Time: 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Location: The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch – Student Building
22765 Westheimer Pkwy
Katy, TX  77450

Characteristics of Parakaleo
  1. Parakaleo is primarily a group providing support and comfort to its members through the empathy of others who have had similar experiences.  It is not a therapy or counseling group.
  2. Parakaleo is a Christ-centered program or group, and as such recognizes that Christ is the “highest power”, however any individual of any faith or no faith at all may attend.
  3. Parakaleo meetings are only for women whose lives have been affected by the sexual purity issues of a significant male in their lives.
  4. Parakaleo is a group led by non-professionals; meetings are facilitated by women who have experienced the healing power of Christ in their own lives in the area of dealing with men who act out in compulsive sexual ways.
  5. Parakaleo provides a “safe place” for women dealing with men having sexual purity problems.  Elements of safety include confidentiality, anonymity, and an accepting environment.
  6. Parakaleo meetings provide a place of structure and familiarity where the chaos, confusion, and craziness of living with a male who is acting out sexually can be put aside.
  7. Parakaleo provides opportunities for its members to grow and heal through working through the 12 steps under the guidance of sponsors.

The facilitators of Parakaleo can be contacted at Parakaleo@merimnao.org.  Women who might want to be part of this group are encouraged to contact the facilitator ahead of time with their own personal questions.

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