Finding light in the darkness of pornography addiction

We are back online again to raise funds for our film! Hopefully, many of you seeing this new campaign are our fans and strong supporters who’ve been rooting for us to get this film made for many months. And we pray that there are many more of you who are discovering (and donating) to our project for the first time.

Watch this additional video from behind the scenes on our first shoot to get a glimpse of why so many amazing people volunteered to be a part of the film.

We began work on this film in January of 2012, under the name Shamed. Here is a link to that original Kickstarter campaign so you can see where we started.

With the funds raised there, we started production by shooting 24 awesome, beautiful, and powerful interviews (which you can see a glimpse of in our teaser video above).

Now, we want to clarify the full budget of this film has always been $200K+. Understand there was no miss management of funds resulting in the request for more funds. We’ve always had a vision to create a film that will be the most engaging visually for viewers, and that takes a certain amount of spending!

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