Are you chasing holiness as desperately as you chased your sin?

Posted: January 22, 2015 by Castimonia in Sexual Purity Posts
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November 2, 2013 by

I once heard a preacher say this:

The depths to which you indulged in your sin will be the depths to which you’ll need to live in holiness.

That has stuck with me.  What this means to me is simple:  The degree to which I chased after my sin and wallowed in it will be the same degree to which I need to chase after holiness and rest in God.  

A friend recently wrote, “powerful passions have to be met with a powerful response.”   Amen.

Paul opens his letter to the Romans introducing himself as a “slave to Christ” (Rom. 1:1).   He was delivered from much, and his life seemed to reflect such a single-minded focus on Christ which is rarely found in churches today.

I desire to be a slave for Christ, and know I have much deeper waters to yet tread in my pursuit of holiness.   By God’s grace He is drawing me there, and I’m thankful for the freedom such slavery brings.

How powerful is your response against the powerful passions that have plagued you?

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