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A Reunification Workshop for Couples Only


Board of Directors invites you to…

“A Reunification Workshop for Couples Only” – Led by Roger Stark on

Saturday, March 15th, 2014 from 3 pm to 5 pm!!

Reunification is a relationship recovery regimen for couples that have been impacted by addiction.

Betrayals, dishonesty, disengagement, isolation, and many other forces have damaged our partnerships. This two hour Saturday afternoon workshop will focus on re-establishing trust and building intimacy skills. Roger Stark is a person of recovery, author, recovery coach and retired licensed addiction counselor. Using his own experience in the recovery process and education he welds the clinical and recovery world into understandable wisdoms of recovery. Roger blogs and offers Recovery Coaching on his website: and speaks at conferences and trainings nationwide. His book “The Waterfall Concept; A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery” has helped many in their struggle with addiction. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Roger has a unique understanding of the part early life trauma plays in the addiction drama.

Due to the nature of this topic and level of applicability to the recovery community, the Board of Directors approved opening this event to SAA, SLAA, SA, COSA, RCA, and Couples in Recovery groups, and their significant others, whether or not they are in a recovery program. Please note that Roger will be donating his time in order to support healthy recovery within these fellowships!

Club Members attend for free with a minimum donation of $20 suggested from all others. A limited number of seats will be available for those not reserving in advance; however admission will be an additional $10 per couple at the door, depending on seat availability.

Please contact Scott W (832-566-7699) or Ed G (713-302-6748) to reserve your seat. Leave a voice mail and please include your call back phone number, email contact (if available) and the number in your party. If we have questions we will get back to you.

Payment can be made by check mailed to The Outer Circle Club, PO Box 540792, Houston, TX, 77254- 0792. Payment guarantees your seat so please pay early. Remember to include a donation to the Club if you are able, as it will be much appreciated, and will help ensure we can continue to hold such important events in the future.

Your interest and continued support are essential as we continue to build this “12-step club” exclusively serving the SAA fellowship through education and practice. Our vision is to create a safe recovery environment at a dedicated facility and accessible location. For additional information, service opportunities, and contributions please contact the OCC via email at


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