By , August 28, 2013

unknownAfter a day of reading various reports of Miley Cyrus’ antics at the MTV Video Music Awards, i can say with pleasure that I am so very glad I didn’t watch it.

But more than that it’s time to also say this: Miley Cyrus’ performance is not news. It’s tragic, disgusting and shameful. But it’s not news.

There is nothing new about it. There is nothing newsworthy about it.

Was it shocking? From what i read i would have to say, “Yes” — and “No.”


Because we live in a hyper-sexualized, pornified world. And given that our culture is molded by pornography, it is not news when people act out in a pornographic fashion. We, as a society, have given ourselves over to gratifying the lusts of our flesh — whether that’s in the name of entertainment or in the privacy of our individual lives.

So when the information world explodes with story after story about something like Miley’s performance at the VMAs — much like Beyonce’s at the Super Bowl halftime show this past winter — we have to ask a few questions.

First, why are we treating this as news? Second, is the coverage of this event actually an intelligent discussion, or is it merely feigned shock and horror which is actually celebrating what happened by pretending to “report” on it which in turn simply promotes what happened? Third, was this the only sexual performance of the night at the VMAs?

I seriously doubt it was.

But the most important questions, truly, are ones the information world will not even touch.

Questions such as: If we are actually shocked at Miley’s performance, what is it that shocks you?  If her actions “cross a line,” what is that line? If you feel a line has been crossed, what will you do about it?

And for me  the most important questions are these: Christian brothers and sisters, what are you doing to remain free from the corruption that is in the world with regard to sexuality? How many of you watched that Miley Cyrus debacle and did so without a twinge of discomfort?

In a pornified world we shouldn’t be surprised when people act like porn stars. Instead, we need to encourage one another on to a higher and better life.

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