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Doug discusses how the format and hosts of the podcast will be changing in the upcoming weeks and months due to personal challenges.

He discusses how being sober will help deal with all aspects of life, including challenges.

He gives motivation for how to face the world of problems and challenges by focusing on the strength for today.

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Tony is the founder of the “Power of Purity” ministries, and he is a fellow podcaster in the fight for sexual purity. This conversation highlights his story and the work that God has done in his life, ministry, and marriage.

He talks about practical approaches to recovery and marriage. He gives a “real” and straight take on fighting for sexual purity and keeping the “holy vow” of marriages.

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Nick Fouts is the co-founder of Cedar Rock Ministries that strives to teach people about how to incorporate rest into their lives. He has experience as a presenter, counselor, and he has served on the mission field in Africa.

Nick and Doug discuss the importance of learning the discipline of rest. They discuss the dangers of living distracted and busy.  Nick offers practical suggestions for helping set aside our own pride to learn to live “from rest” not “to rest”

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Cedar Rock Ministries offers seminars and retreats for couples in healing, restoring, and bettering marriages. Their website is

How do you know when an addict is lying? …. When his lips are moving!

See why there is no addiction without lying, and how there is no recovery with truth.

Jorge and Doug highlight the reasons that addicts use lies and how they originate in us as children. Once we are aware of this issue, we can intentionally choose truth.

They discuss the power that truth has as well as the freedom from not looking over our shoulders or remembering what lie we might have told.

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Step one takes a lot of work to look deeply into beginning change. We need to first see the true cost of our insane behavior, so we can begin to build a life free from sexual impurity.

Learn how to find the true cost of our behaviors as well as what is meant by a “public first step”. Learn how publicly confessing can lead to healing.

Jorge and Doug discuss the pros of taking a deep look into our family of origin, our unmanageability, and our denial in these second part of the series on “Step One”

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Step one is the beginning of the journey of the 12-steps. Learn what it takes to break free of the denial and recognize our own insane behaviors.

This is a 2-part series that is designed to help us see how we were powerless to change without help from our Higher Power.

In this casual conversation, learn what it takes to begin to seek healing and help by being vulnerable enough to admit we can’t change on our own no matter how much we want to.

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Episode 8.

In this mini-podcast episode, Tim Mavergeorge and Doug discuss some great recovery books as resources for those seeking help and healing. Our spiritual path needs guidance from those that have gone before us, so they share a few resources that can be beneficial to those looking for something better.

This list isn’t designed to be exhaustive, but it should allow those to have a starting point for those looking to replace certain behaviors with reading resources that can lead to increased positive relationships, thinking, and living.

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Here are the books that were discussed (in order):

Patrick Carnes — “Don’t Call it Love” and “Out of the Shadows” — workbook available

Milton Magness — “Stop Sex Addiction”

Joe Dallas — “The Game Plan” — 30 day plan

Russell Willingham — “Breaking Free”

William Struthers — “Wired for Intimacy” (Medical and brain chemistry in addiction)

Mark Laaser — “Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction”

Stephen Arterburn — “Every Man’s Battle” (not specific for sex addiction)

Deb Laaser — “Shattered Vows” (for wives)

Barbara Steffens — “Your Sexually Addicted Spouse”

Jason Martinkus — “Worthy of Her Trust”

Al Cole — “Shadow Christian”

Donald Miller — “Scary Close”

Kristen A. Jenson — “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures” (resource for talking to kids)

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