Monster vs. Pillar

Posted: September 22, 2012 by Castimonia in Sexual Purity Posts
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This was sent to me from a friend of mine who knows I struggle with fear and anxiety due to unfounded fears.  I must remember, in my life and in my recovery, there are things out of my control that scare me, but I must remain committed to God.  He is my pillar of strength, He is in charge.

Two perspectives—we face both every day, but we can choose only one.

The first is a monster of emotion—sharp claws dripping with the blood of the unknown, a piercing voice shouting ugly, destructive words of worry. One blast of its awful breath can turn saints into practicing atheists.

Ever met this beast? Sure you have. Its name is Fear, and it comes in every shape and size. Fear of criticism, failure, disease, and death. Fear of rejection, unemployment, and financial ruin. Fear of how others may react. Fear of being yourself. Around everyimaginable corner, Fear lurks, waiting to poison your spirit and reduce your spiritual muscles to mental mush.

If the first perspective is a monster, the second is a pillar. It’s a decision—not an emotion. It’s a commitment to believe God is in charge.

The name of this perspective? Perfect Trust. In order to trust God perfectly, we must see our situations through eyes of faith, not our feelings. Either the Lord is sovereign and in full control, or He’s off His throne altogether. God isn’t “almost sovereign” any more than I’m “somewhat married.” Perfect Trust says He is sovereign—even when Fear would convince us otherwise.

  1. I remember one day I was sitting on a bench in high school waiting to be picked up from school. I had some health issues that were hard to figure out at the time. I guess my worry was plain to see. Another student that I didn’t know handed me a card with a fish trying to eat the penguin. I found the picture comical, then read the bottom. It said “Relax, God’s in charge”.

    Such a simple little piece of paper, but it was a reminder to me that it was in God’s hands.

    I do struggle with fears, sometimes paralyzing fears. Trauma from childhood and now all the trauma of my husband’s affairs can sneak up on me and make it hard to function, hard to get sleep. I have to remind myself often that God’s still in charge. I hope the plan will bring some kind of peace or happiness soon.

  2. Hope says:

    Praying helps me overcome fear. Sometimes, fear is overwhelming but I’ll pray to God and tell him I’m afraid and need to trust in Him to overcome fear.

  3. Castimonia says:

    And the “Verse of the Day” for the particular day that this was posted (Saturday, September 22) was John 14:1 – “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and Trus also in me.”

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