Episode 19: Nate Larkin, Founder of Samson Society

Nate Larkin is the founder of the “Samson Society” and the author of “Samson and the Pirate Monks” (www.natelarkin.com and www.samsonsociety.com)

He shares his powerful story as well as his involvement with the “I am Second” movement. His video testimony has taken his story to countless men that struggle in similar ways. 

He is dedicated to establishing real community for men to be able to find help.

He discusses how sex wasn’t his problem, but it was the solution that he chose for his real problem. We, as addicts, need to find ways to stop our medication choices, but more importantly, find the roots of our problems.

He suggested the use of the “R Tribe” app (http://www.rtribe.org/) for those in recovery from any condition, and he seeks to be a man that has a story of God’s radical change. That radical change is possible in all of us.

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