Episode 16: Dr. Milton Magness – Stop Sex Addiction

Dr. Milton Magness is a leader in the fight against sex addiction, and he has developed a proven system for couples to find healing. He is the author of “Stop Sex Addiction,” and he is a known world-wide as a champion for the recovery process.

In this podcast, he discusses his approach as well as the healing that is possible from true recovery. He discusses the resources that are available at his website www.hopeandfreedom.com as well his upcoming book with co-author Marsha Means.  (www.acircleofjoy.com)

He is candid and passionate about the process of men taking ownership in their recovery, and he is dedicated to providing practical tools for men to use.

He discussed the 3 day couples’ intensive, and the toolkit that he has for couples as well. That kit can be found at www.couplesrecoverykit.com

If you are not in the Houston area, there are other Magness-trained CSATs spread throughout the country that are available, and they can be found at www.findachfp.com

For more information on the podcast or to get help, please email us at puritypodcast@castimonia.org.