Episode 15: Michael John Cusick – Sex Addiction Recovery Interview

Michael John Cusick is the author of “Surfing for God” which details his story and struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. He highlights the power of addiction within the chemicals of the brain based upon years of conditioning. His book highlights ways to breaks those patterns of behaviors to live a light fully in the freedom of Christ.

He is an expert on the addiction to pornography and the practical and spiritual steps necessary to break free from that bondage. He is the founder and President of “Restoring the Soul” ministries in Denver, Colorado as well as a lead counselor and spiritual director on staff.  He currently resides in Littleton, Colorado and enjoys his family and the outdoors.

For more information about his work, ministry, or intensives, please visit www.restoringthesoul.com , www.surfingforgodbook.com or www.michaeljohncusick.com

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