Episode 13: Sex Addiction and Polygraphs…an interview with Stephen Cabler

Stephen Cabler is a nationally recognized polygrapher and a leader in the use of polygraphs with sex addicts. He has worked with literally 1000’s of men and women struggling with sexual purity as a means to help them find solid ground on which to stand with their spouses, family, friends, and themselves.

He has training with criminal polygraphs as well, but his heart and passion are with those men and women seeking to turn their lives around by seeking truth.

He discusses in this episode the misconceptions about polygraphs, and the true reason that addicts want to come and be tested. He seeks to share his insights about addiction from working with addicts as well as shares his belief about the power of truth.

Addiction isn’t possible without lies, and recovery isn’t possible without truth…  Cabler works to help each man pass polygraphs because they are living in the light of truth.

For more information about Stephen Cabler, please visit cablerpolygraphs.net or email him at stephen@cablerpolygraph.com

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