Episode 36D: Working Step 4 – Sexual Conduct & Deep, Dark Secrets

Part D – Jorge and Doug discuss the next aspect of working Step 4 in sex addiction recovery.   If you haven’t listened to steps 1-3, it may be a good idea to listen to episode 31 (Step 3), episode 20 (step 2), and episodes 9/10 (step one).  Also parts A, B, and C of step four were released a few days before this episode.

In this podcast, they discuss how to work through the harms we have done to others or have been done to us. We take ownership for our part in those harms, and pave the way for future step work by identifying them now.  They also discuss the “deep dark secrets” and how those are detrimental to recovery.  Step 5 is an avenue to release those, so after successful completion of Step 4, that work can be done more fully!

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