Sexual Purity Posts

#PornDestroys Marriage

by Frank Honess

IMG_1007One of the greatest ways pornography damaged my life was through my marriage. My wife was devastated to say the least at my hidden addiction and how I seemed to be so okay with it. Through continual relapses, lies, and secrets, I was losing my marriage. It wasn’t until my wife slid her engagement ring across the table to me and with eyes filled with tears told me that she was done. She would not marry a man who continued to hide and tell lies. It was only then that my eyes were opened.

How can you avoid this moment in your marriage? The greatest tip that I can give is to BE HONEST with your spouse. Men, if you’re engaged to your wife, you need to give full disclosure as to what you’re dealing with. I know looking back that my wife was willing to work with me through overcoming pornography. But it was the lying that really hurt her the most and I think that’s a common thread amongst females. Don’t lie to your wife. Your marriage is too valuable to lose to made up images and sexual scenarios.

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